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Freshmen Year

     I’m finally in high school. Actually, I’ve been in high school for about 7 months. I was really nervous thinking about going to high school.

What if my teachers don’t like me? What if I don’t pass my classes? However, when I finally started my freshmen year, everything seemed normal.

It was like middle school, except with more people, more clubs, more sports, and more of everything. The one thing that set this year apart from my

middle school days was the workload! I doubted my middle school teachers when they told me that there would be a tremendous amount of work in

high school. That being said, the work is manageable.

     Now that I’ve learned the ropes of high school, I’m hoping my sophomore year will be smoother and more fun. This year has been fun, but it also

has been draining. Maybe I’ll try out for a sport or join different clubs. I might even buy school lunch. But for now, I’ll stick with my PB&Js.


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